Board of Education

The Board of Education encourages an atmosphere of open communication with the public.  Pursuant to Board Policy 9130 and collectively negotiated agreements with the staff, members of the public are encouraged to resolve their concern at the lowest level: staff member, Principal/Supervisor, Superintendent.  Therefore, when considering to whom your concern should be addressed, please follow the chain of command below. 


Chain of Command


School Level:              General District:

Teacher                                         Supervisor/Directors

Principal                       Superintendent

Superintendent         Board of Education*

In addition to Board Policy 9130, members of the public are encouraged to read some basic information that they should know about Board members by clicking here.  Should you wish to contact the Board of Education please use the email address 

Board Member                                    Committee Chairperson Term

Karen Gray, President Personnel 2020-2022 Robin McKeon, Vice President 2019-2021
Lauren Beckman 2020-2022
Jennifer Korn Policy 2018-2020
Karen Richman Curriculum 2019-2021
Timothy Salmon Finance 2019-2021
Suzanne Schafer Skalski 2020-2022
Jennifer White Wellness 2018-2020
Linda Wooldridge 2018-2020
Nick Markarian Superintendent