Free Books

According to District policy 7300, if it is determined that the property has no value, or if no purchasers can be obtained, the property may be given away to other public school districts or community groups, or, on a first-come, first-served basis, to students, staff members or the public at large. 

If you are interested in any of the books listed below, please contact

Jennifer Nicholson at      

Title                                                       Quantity     School

Ecce Romani II B                                                                31           RHS

Ecce Romani II A                                                                65           RHS

Ecce Romani II B Language Activity Book                          42           RHS

Ecce Romani II A Language Activity Book                         50           RHS

The Complete Plays of Aristophanes                        30           RHS

Review and Test Preparation Guide

for the Beginning Latin Student                                    29           RHS

Vergil's Aeneid 10 & 12                                                           33           RHS

Auctores Latini                                                                           11           RHS

Cicero and Sallust                                                                      22           RHS

Selections From Vergil's Aeneid

Books 1, 4, and 6                                                                         34           RHS

Essentials of Latin Grammar                                                  13           RHS

First Latin Student Activity Book II                                     320         RHS

Realidades A                                                                                 1              RHS

Don Camillo - Giovanni Guareschi                                       70           RHS