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Parent Letter

August 28, 2018


Dear Parents,

ARAMARK Education is proud to begin another year of service to the students of Bernards Township!  Our food service staff is looking forward to serving your children nutritious, great-tasting menus that support their achievements in school and promote healthy lifestyles.  It is our commitment to create healthier environments and communities, by providing comprehensive nutrition and wellness education.


Our district provides students with an “Offer vs Serve” program in which students enjoy the flexibility of being able to select from a wide variety of options.  K-8 students also have the option of purchasing a “School Lunch”.  The components align with the standards of the National School Lunch Program. Also consistent with the standards of the National School Lunch Program, Offer vs Serve allows students to decline some of the food offered in a lunch. The goals of Offer vs. Serve are to reduce food waste and to permit students to choose the foods they want to eat. Students must choose at least one fruit or vegetable and 2 other components to qualify. Students have the option to select a milk or juice as one of the components. Juice can count as a fruit component. In addition, an 8oz bottled water may be selected as a beverage.  If the qualifying components are not selected, a la carte pricing will apply.  Please find the “Build Your Own Lunch” tool on your school’s website as a reference. Students will also find it posted on each service line. Our staff will be working with the district’s K-8 educators to ensure that students understand how to build their own lunch.   If you would like your child to be able to purchase a “School Lunch” only, please notify the cafeteria manager at your child’s school and a note can be posted on your student’s account in our POS (Point of Sale) system.  The cost of a “School Lunch” in grades K-5 is $2.60, and for William Annin students, the cost is $2.75. Low-fat milk will be sold for $0.70, and bottled water for $0.80.


Our district utilizes a computerized POS (Point of Sale) system in the cafeterias.  Elementary students identify themselves to the system using a four-digit ID number which will be assigned to new students in September.  Middle and High School students use their six-digit student numbers.  Student photos will be attached to their accounts for enhanced security. Payments to your K-5 student’s account may be made by sending cash or check in an envelope marked with your child’s name and classroom teacher. Please note your child’s name on any payments made by check.  Elementary students are encouraged to turn in payments to their teachers in the morning.  Middle school students may place their payments in either the café lockbox or at any cash register.  Deposits to RHS student accounts may also be made at any cash register. While cash is still accepted in all of our cafeterias, we hope that you will take advantage of our debit system, because reducing the amount of cash-handling in our lunch lines keeps the lines moving rapidly.  We strongly encourage all parents to make online payments through mySchoolBucks .


We want you to know that the recipes have been modified to reduce fats, salt and added sugar.  We will also be offering some different foods that your children may not have tried before, so please encourage your child to try these items.  They might just become a new favorite!  We will continue to offer gluten free products in all of the schools.  On days when pasta is served, we will have a gluten free option.  Schools will also have gluten free pizza available every Friday.  Please contact your school’s nurse and myself for any allergy concerns.                                                                                              


We are proud to serve nutritious foods to your child and encourage you to support our ongoing efforts to improve student health and well-being by participating in our Food Service program. Each school’s monthly menu, pricing and other information can be found on each school’s website: Oak Street School, Cedar Hill SchoolLiberty Corner School,  Mount Prospect School William Annin Middle SchoolRidge High School.                                                                                                  


For specific nutritional information on your school’s menu, visit http://bernards.schooldish.comFor more information about our programs in Bernards Township Schools, please visit:


We hope that you and your child have a great year! Please feel free to call me at 908-204-2585 ext 132 with any questions or comments.

Thank you!

Steven Tardibuono

Food Service Director