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Cedar Hill Lunch Mennu

Lunch Grades K Through 5

Students may bring their lunch from home or purchase a hot lunch at school. Hot lunches cost $2.60, milk is $.70 and water is $.80. Charge Accounts will be issued through your child's homeroom teacher.  Students with Charge Accounts will be issued Personal Identification Numbers (PIN).  Cards must be held by the student and will help your child in getting through the checkout line faster.  Students must remember their PIN.  

To replenish your child's lunch account, please make checks payable to: 
Bernards Township BOE Food Service. Include the name of your student on the check.

Aramark Program Updates

Please print your child's name on lunch bags and lunch boxes. If you wish to deliver a child's forgotten lunch or money (or anything else), please leave it in the office and the teacher will be notified to have your child pick it up. On half days, no lunch is served and dismissal begins at 12:45 P.M.

Lunch Periods
Lunch/Recess periods total 50 minutes. 

Grade  Recess  Lunch 
2nd  10:30-10:55 10:55-11:20
1st 11:00-11:25 11:25-11:50
KDG 11:25-11:50 11:50-12:15
3rd 12:00-12:25 12:25-12:50
4th 12:25-12:50 12:50-1:15
5th 1:00-1:25 1:25-1:50

Cafeteria Rules and Procedures

Students (K-4) are seated by class. Grade 5 students will begin the school year eating with their class and may be permitted to seat themselves the remainder of the school year. The Cafeteria Aides will monitor the lunchroom and enforce all cafeteria rules and procedures. Students must demonstrate courtesy and safe behavior when eating lunch in the cafeteria. Students who do not follow the rules repeatedly may be asked to leave the cafeteria until such time permits them to return.

  • Teachers will escort their students to and from the cafeteria or entrance/exit door from recess.
  • Students should remain quiet and orderly in a single file line when walking to the cafeteria.
  • The Cafeteria Aides will direct their class to the tables and lunch lines.
  • Students should follow all posted cafeteria rules when eating.
  • Students who misbehave in the cafeteria may be referred to the Principal/Assistant Principal for repeated or serious offenses.

Playground Behavior
Students may use the playground of track facility during recess. Students must wear sneakers in order to be allowed on the playground equipment. Students wearing crocs, sandals or other footwear may be prohibited from using the playground equipment for safety reasons. The Cafeteria Aides will monitor the students' activities and behavior during the recess period.

1. Students are encouraged to engage in constructive and appropriate physical activity or indoor games in the case of inclement weather.

2. Students are expected to follow all posted recess rules.

3. Inappropriate physical activity such as kicking, punching, or roughhousing, etc. are not permitted.

. Acts of harassment or bullying behavior are not permitted and should be reported immediately to the supervising adult. 

5. Students are permitted to enter and exit the building only under the supervision and permission of the Cafeteria Aides.

6. Students that seriously misbehave or have repeated offenses should be referred to the Assistant Principal immediately.

7. When weather does not permit outdoor recess, students will be supervised by the Cafeteria Aides in the classroom.