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The mission of the Bernards Township School District is to provide a superior education which results in academic excellence, responsible behavior, good citizenship and fosters social-emotional development so that ultimately each student will be able to:

  • Maximize his/her potential.
  • Become a contributing member of society.
  • Maintain a commitment to life-long learning.
  • Achieve the New Jersey Student Learning Standards at all grade levels.


  • Education is our first priority.
  • Intellectual, social, physical and emotional development are essential to a student's education.
  • Children learn in different ways; we have a responsibility to help all students maximize their potential.
  • Students will benefit from a challenging curriculum with high standards.
  • Individual student achievement is maximized by high expectations.
  • Co-curricular and community service activities are important components of effective education.
  • Education provides a foundation for life-long learning, critical and analytical thinking, problem solving, decision-making and respect for the individual.

2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR

Goal 1 - Academics
Focus on increasing academic achievement and growth through the utilization of targeted supports and expanded program opportunities.

a. Leverage grant funds to provide new opportunities for district funded tutoring of students.
b. Grow the Pathways program to include more students.
c. Expand dual enrollment course opportunities through the program of studies.
d. Achieve measurable improvement of NJSLA and/or NWEA MAP reading and math assessments results in the third and fourth grade.

Goal 2 - Facilities and Operations
Maintain District facilities in a manner that maintains asset value, minimizes expenditures while maximizing stakeholder access, utilization and enjoyment. Evaluate operations and implement solutions for increased efficiency with a focus on stakeholder wellness, budgetary optimization, operational efficiencies and academic improvements.

a. Achieve a consistent state of the timely completion of emergency (5 days or less), standard (90 days or less) and long-range work orders (recognizing lead time for parts and logistical considerations).
b. Complete a facility condition assessment and populate asset management system populated with District-wide asset inventory and use it to complete a Long-Range Capital Plan.
c. Develop, finalize and recommend for January 2024 Board approval, a two/three tiered bussing plan for the 2024-2025 school year.

Goal 3 - Finances
Focus on maximizing resources and operating as efficiently as possible to provide a thorough and efficient education for all students while respecting community and taxpayer resources. The District will continue to develop and revise financial plans while actively seeking more alternative sources of revenue and continuing legislative and advocacy efforts to update and revise the current state aid formula.

a. Through the budgeting process, identify areas of reduction in recurring expenses.
b. Maximize shared services opportunities with existing and new co-operatives such as
Bernards Township Engineering and Department of Public Works.
c. Develop a five-year budget plan to fund identified capital projects, including but not limited to ROD Grant projects, Varsity Complex, and other projects identified by Facility Condition Assessment.
d. Identify and enact opportunities to increase non-tax levy revenue sources.

Goal 4 - Wellness/Personnel
Collect and evaluate new or existing data from staff and students on school climate and use it to guide future programming for students and staff.

a. Refine professional development plans to ensure all staff have the support and structure needed to provide a data driven, thorough and efficient education for all students.
b. Report on HIB, student and staff attendance, ESS, student code of conduct violations and trends in mental health.
c. Select and utilize a tool to determine a student's baseline knowledge of the SEL competencies/skills and pillars of character and use it to plan future programming for students.

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